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The Heart & Soul of
Gnarabup Yoga Studio


meet the owners;

Hi there!

Pete & Carley here, the accidental yoga studio owners you may or may not have met yet. 


We've only been at this for just over a year and are humbled by the incredible community response to our offerings. As lovers of the ocean, movement, and community, we have built up the Gnarabup Yoga Studio to be a welcoming and inclusive space where individuals of all ages and abilities can come together to practice yoga, improve mobility, and connect with others.


We are incredibly passionate about promoting mental health, well-being, and community through yoga and events. As accidental yoga studio owners, not teachers, but purely students ourselves, we like to think we bring a unique perspective and warmth to our work, and are committed to creating a vibrant and supportive community at Gnarabup Yoga Studio. As students, for our students. We're here for you & any suggestions or questions will be met with open ears and open hearts 🧡💙



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At Gnarabup Yoga Studio, we believe that yoga has the power to transform lives. We are passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with our community and creating a space where individuals can come to connect with themselves, others, and the world around them. We believe that the practice of yoga has the ability to cultivate greater physical strength, mobility, and balance, as well as promote mental and emotional well-being. Our goal will always be to create a supportive and empowering environment where individuals of all fitness levels can explore their practice, deepen their understanding of themselves, and tap into their innate potential. We are committed to offering high-quality yoga instruction that is accessible to all, and to fostering a community that is inclusive, diverse, and welcoming to everyone who walks through our doors.

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