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Songline Meditatons

more than a didjeridoo sound bath

immerse yourself in the power of didj song


with Brook Thomas Turner-Mann

"My name is Brook and I am a Storyteller and Didj player.

I’d like to invite you along for 1hr of deep resonant connection to Boodja (country) and community through the power of Didj song.

I am a proud Bunjalung man residing here on Wadandi Boodja with a powerful cultural connection to my ancestors. For over two decades I have shared the ancient stories of my culture thru story and song, and I’d like to play for you.

So relax, get comfortable in a beautiful place.

We have an hour together in which I will give to you a part of myself thru didj.

I will explain the meaning and cultural significance of Songline, the significance of your Songline... then I will play for you.

I will feel the room, change rhythm, pitch, intensity, key. You will be transported, captivated, mesmerised … reset."

Join us once a month for these soulful songline meditations with Brook. $25 exchange / & now included in all studio memberships x

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none yet, but keep an eye on this space!

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The Power of Didj

These sessions, by design, will benefit you in different ways.
You will come away with a deeper understanding of Songline and culture in a tactile way… thru didj song.
You will feel yourself moving to a calm place that allows your mind to clear and your body to relax.
You will visualise, as I do when I play.
Throughout the session you will visit different places within yourself as I change rhythm and key and come back to your body… happy, reset, and ready for the ocean. 
You will gain insight, epic story/songs, good vibrations..and new friends. 

what people are saying about songline meditations;


Just did the Songline Meditation with Brook. Wow. He is an incredible didgeridoo musician. To share his skill and take you through an expansive journey of country and community was something else. You can relax back to the tone and allow visualisations to take you or if the energy calls you sit up and be transfixed by his presence and the earth unfolding out the big windows watching the coast. Thankyou Brook for sharing insights and that journey!


Marita Menne
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