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Your Questions Answered

How to Refer A Friend & Earn Rewards

Refer a friend to Gnarabup Yoga Studio, and when they purchase their first membership or package, you BOTH win!


Here's how it works;

🌟 Your friend receives their first class absolutely FREE!

🌟 You get $10 studio credit for every friend you refer who joins our community


The more friends you refer, the more credit you earn. It's a win-win-win situation!


Imagine the fun you and your friends will have together on your yoga journey at our studio by the ocean. It's the perfect way to stay motivated, inspired, and healthy.


Login to your Momence account here: head to Refer and Earn at the bottom of your dashboard on the left-hand side to get your personal referral link to send to all your friends and family - we'll do the rest!


You can also find your personal referral link in the updated Momence app. Just click the Gnarabup Yoga Studio logo then click the Refer & Earn button at the top - it's that easy!

Do you have PREGNANCY friendly classes?

New to yoga;

If you are new to yoga, start with a gentle class like Mobility, Stretch & Release, Restore or Slow Flow. It is a good idea to let your instructor know that you have not done yoga before. They should be able to help you start off gently.

If you did yoga before pregnancy;

If you have been doing yoga for a while, it is fine to carry on during pregnancy.

Please tell your yoga teacher that you are pregnant. They can show you how to change the postures to suit your stage of pregnancy. Stick to what you find comfortable and focus on improving your yoga technique while you are pregnant. Avoid any new or advanced postures.

Always listen to your body, don't push yourself and stop if it hurts.

Membership Terms & Conditions

INTRO OFFER $70 for 21 Days Unlimited yoga

- Can only be purchased one time.

- Expires 21 days from first use.

- Strictly no suspensions, extensions or transfers on this pass.


10 Class Pass

- Expires 3 months from first use.

- No suspensions or extensions


5 Class Pass

- Expires 5 weeks from first use.

- No suspensions or extensions.


1 Month Unlimited

- Unlimited classes for one Month

- Activates on date of first class

- No suspensions or extensions, not transferable


Weekly Unlimited - FIFO Pass

- Unlimited classes for 7 days.

- Activates on date of first class.

- No suspensions or extensions, not transferable.


Casual Class / Drop In

- Valid for 1 x class

- Expires 60 days from purchase date

Bookings & Cancellation Policy

- Bookings are not compulsory however we strongly recommend booking for peak class times to avoid disappointment.

- Bookings can only be made using our online booking system HERE or via the Momence app or web browser

- On the rare occasion this is not an option, feel free to phone us to make a booking. Full names, email and phone numbers are required along with payment.

- Please only book yourself into a class (including the waitlist) if you are 100% committed to attending that class.

- You can book and pay for another person using the ticket option for any class or workshop.

- In the event that you can no longer attend a class we ask that you cancel your booking as soon as possible to give someone else an opportunity to attend.

- Classes can be booked up to 12 weeks in advance.

- If you fail to attend class OR fail to cancel at least 10 hours prior to class commencement, you will not be eligible for a refund or class credit. This is 24hrs for special events and workshops, ie. Yin & Massage, Cacao Ceremonies and any event outside of our regular schedule.

- If you wish to cancel a booking you must do so via the Momence app or web browser or email us directly.

Studio Procedures, Policies & Etiquette

- Please arrive early: We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before class to sign in and set up your mat. If you're running late, quietly find a spot in the back of the room so you don't distract the other students - as a courtesy to the other students the door is often locked after the first few minutes and you won't be able to join if you are any later.

- All students must sign-in with their teacher before the beginning of class.

- The studio opens 15 min before class and closes 15 minutes after class.

- Please place phones and other personal belongings at the back of the room on the bench provided.

- Spaces in the studio are limited to ensure safety and comfort – please place your mat on the designated markers.

Fortnightly Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Fortnightly Autopay Unlimited Membership


- Your Fortnightly Unlimited Autopay Membership gives you access to unlimited classes.

- Your Fortnightly Autopay Membership continues indefinitely until you advise Gnarabup Yoga Studio in writing that you wish to cancel it.

- A minimum of 3 months commitment is required for all autopay memberships. You cannot cancel or freeze within this time.

- When you enter into a direct debit agreement with us your re-occurring payments will be secured at the said rate for a period of 12 months.

- We reserve the right to increase your direct debit after the 12 month period and will notify you with one month’s written notice if this is the case.


1.1 Freeze/Suspension Policy

- Suspension requests must be submitted to Gnarabup Yoga Studio in writing with a minimum of 5 days notice.

- Suspensions cannot be backdated nor can we process your request on the same day.

- This membership includes a maximum suspension allowance of 60 days per 12 month period.

- Additional suspension periods (beyond the 60 day allowance) will incur a suspension fee charged at a rate of $10 per week.

- You will receive an email confirming your suspension request within 5 days.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the studio as we have not received your request and your membership will not be suspended.


1.2 Cancellation policy

- To cancel your membership simply email

- A minimum of 3 days prior to your next billing date to stop future payments.

- A minimum of 3 days notice is required before the next payment due date in order to ensure that payment is not debited. If we do not receive the required 3 days’ notice and the scheduled payment is debited refunds will not be issued.

- You will receive an email confirmation to advise your cancellation has been processed, if you do not receive confirmation within 5 days of sending your request please contact the studio.


1.3 Declined Autopay Policy

- We reserve the right to terminate Fortnightly Autopay Membership for students who fail to respond to correspondence from us regarding failed payments.

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