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Our Yoga Styles & their unique benefits

Each style of class we teach serves a different purpose. Find the perfect fit to reach your wellness goals by delving deeper into each class and its unique benefits on the body and mind. Divided into two categories, beginner friendly & intermediate. Our classes are all inclusive, and we pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming space for all.

Mobility, Stretch & Release


Designed for individuals who are new to yoga or are looking for a gentle practice that promotes relaxation, flexibility, and mindfulness. Perfect for stiff bodies, surfers & swimmers, older individuals, and all those looking to maintain and improve their mobility or simple just stretch & release.




This gentle and soothing practice combines restorative yoga postures, deep breathing techniques, and guided meditation to help you release tension, reduce stress, and replenish your energy.


It's the perfect opportunity to find balance, inner peace, and a renewed sense of well-being.




Balance, align, restore.

Yin Yoga classes are quiet, meditative practices with long deep holds.


This class uses mindful relaxation within each posture to target the body’s connective tissue and promote the mobilization of fascia.


This class is one of the most popular classes for stiff bodies and those new to yoga. 


Slow Flow



Our Slow Flow classes are gentle and suitable for all levels and experience. Explore deep relaxation and rejuvenation in your physical body as well as your mind in this slow-paced class. 

Slow Flow combines traditional Hatha (holding poses with prop support) with Vinyasa flow (gently moving your body to each breath you take). This class focuses on alignment and comfort in each posture. Learn to find contentment and awareness in this more meditative practice. 

Slow flow yoga is often referred to as the best yoga for beginners as it moves at a manageable, deliberate pace with plenty of time to sink into deeper poses. Your heart rate will stay nice and low, and the instructor will offer plenty of cues to help you tune into your positioning and muscles.


a regular practice of these slower yoga styles will benefit you in so many ways!

  • Improved Flexibility: Enhance your range of motion and flexibility, making everyday movements feel easier and more comfortable.

  • Stress Reduction: Relieve tension and stress as you engage in deep stretches and mindful breathing, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

  • Better Posture: Develop awareness of your body and alignment, which can help correct and maintain good posture.

  • Muscle Recovery: Support muscle recovery after physical activities and reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Pain Relief: Alleviate common aches and pains, especially in the back, neck, and shoulders.

  • Increased Circulation: Promote better blood flow, which can boost energy levels and overall vitality.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Strengthen the connection between your body and mind, fostering mindfulness and self-awareness.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Improve joint mobility and prevent stiffness associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Relief from Chronic Conditions: Find relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia through gentle, targeted stretches.

  • Better Sleep: Enjoy improved sleep quality and patterns as a result of reduced physical tension and mental relaxation.

  • Emotional Balance: Manage emotions more effectively and experience a greater sense of emotional equilibrium.

  • Community and Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive, welcoming yoga community.

ocean wave




We teach one of the stronger, modern variations of Vinyasa. We draw inspiration not only from classical Asana and ancient philosophical teachings but expand into a wide variety of movement.


Each student will have their own individual experience during class as we offer a fun yet challenging flow of movement and breath. By cultivating strength and heat within the internal body, it will keep you on your toes making this practice engaging and rewarding.

Power Flow



This is a vigorous, detoxifying, strength-based class, working the body to the core, building flexibility, and endurance. Weaving together wisdom teachings and poses that challenge your body and mind to inspire physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and blissful states of consciousness. 

Remember to just BREATHE.

Deep House Vinyasa



This unique class is for those who need deep beats to get through a workout.

You'll sweat, smile, and groove in this Vinyasa style class powered by deep house music. We're talking power moves, funky flows, and enough energy to power a small village. It's been likened to a dance party meets yoga class,.


We'll challenge our bodies and minds with strong sequences that will leave you feeling like a true yogi superhero. And don't worry if you fall out of a pose or two - we're all just human pretzels in training. Come with an open mind, a playful spirit, and a willingness to let go and flow.


incorporating these practices into a regular routine can contribute to your over-all health in ways you may not have realised;

  • Physical Fitness and Muscle Tone: dynamic sequences linked together with breath promote increased strength, flexibility, and muscle engagement, challenging various muscle groups and contributing to improved muscle tone and overall physical fitness.

  • Metabolic Rate & Weight Management: the dynamic and active nature of Vinyasa and Power Flow elevates the heart rate, creating a cardiovascular workout that, when performed regularly, can increase the metabolic rate, leading to more efficient calorie burning and potential aid in weight management.

  • Mind-Body Connection and Stress Reduction: the synchronization of breath with movement encourages heightened awareness of the present moment, fostering a strong mind-body connection; the intentional focus on breath and movement serves as a tool to calm the mind and reduce stress.

  • Cardiovascular Benefits: the fast-paced and vigorous sequence of poses in these classes serves as an effective cardiovascular workout.

  • Overall Cardiovascular Health: improved blood pressure control, enhanced cholesterol levels, and better blood sugar regulation contribute to a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Physical Strength and Bone Health: anything involving weight-bearing poses and dynamic movements contributes to building stronger bones and muscles, beneficial for maintaining bone density and preventing conditions like osteoporosis.

  • Better Sleep: enjoy improved sleep quality and patterns resulting from reduced physical tension and mental relaxation.

  • Energy Boost: the dynamic nature of these classes invigorates the body and mind, leading to increased energy levels throughout the day; a regular practice can contribute to a sense of vitality and overall well-being.

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