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Workshops & Events

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Yin & Sound Bath

with Healing Touch.
Sunday March 3rd, 6-7.30pm

Calm your nervous system and nourish your soul 💫


Nicola of Milyana Sound Therapy brings her unique blend of bowls and chimes to help you unwind from the week that was, to be held, and to bring your mind, body & spirit back into balance with this vibrational medicine.


Be lead through 60 minutes of restorative yin yoga with healing touch and focused breathing, with a deep relaxation and extra 30 minutes of pure immersive sound therapy to finish.

This one is for You. All guests go home with one of our specially curated self-care gift packs.

$40 exchange x

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Sacred Autumn Cacao Ceremony

Saturday March 2nd, 10-11.30am

Experience the positive vibrations of ceremonial Evolve Cacao, sourced from Peru in a meditative ceremony to awaken all the senses. The intention behind this session is a full body healing experience. Included is a palo santo smudge, chakra cleansing meditation for grounding, a brief history of cacao and its' healing benefits, honoring the four directions, observation & contemplation of the subtle sensations in the body through sight, sound, taste, smell, & touch.

Surrender to a soundscape of natural rhythms, restorative massage / healing touch, awakening aromatherapy, & sacred moments of connection and sharing. Warm your heart & belly with the sweetness of magical, meaningful medicine. Let go of all which no longer serves you, and allow this ritual to mark & symbolize positive change in your life as we move from the hot, busy months of summer towards the cooler, slower pace of autumn.

$35 exchange x

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Journey to the Heart with Wendy Muir

Saturday March 9th, 9.30-11am

Finding your own clarity and wisdom through movement, meditation and reflection.


Join Wendy for an inspirational path toward growth and renewal. “The longest journey of our lives is the one we take from our heads to our hearts.” Clearing a path away from the fluctuations of our monkey minds, shifting toward our true purpose in the world. Learn to tune into the vibrational frequencies of all things. Opening to the creative magic and mystery of the world around-us and within us.


Jinna Yang of @projectinspo will be gracing us with her incredible singing voice for this special 90 minute intensive.

$55 exchange x

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Sound Baths

Every second Sunday 6-7pm

Join Nicola for a group sound bath every second Sunday, and allow yourself to unwind from the week that was, to be held, and to bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance through the softness and beauty of this vibrational medicine.

If you suffer from stress, fatigue, or depression, regular sound bath’s can help alleviate symptoms. The vibrations from Nicola’s unique blend of bowls and chimes have the potential to lead individuals into a state of deep contemplation and relaxation, effectively quieting the body's fight-or-flight response and over-stimulated monkey mind. Leave feeling grounded, relaxed and back at home in your body ready to take on the week ahead.

$30 exchange x

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Songline Meditations

A Didjeridoo Sound Bath
Sunday March 17th - 6-7pm

My name is Brook and I am a Storyteller and Didj player.

I’d like to invite you along for 1 hour of deep resonant connection to Boodja (country) and community through the power of Didj song.

I am a proud Bunjalung man residing here on Wadandi Boodja with a powerful cultural connection to my ancestors. For over two decades I have shared the ancient stories of my culture thru story and song, and I’d like to play for you.


What to expect from this Songline session -

Relax, get comfortable in a beautiful space.

We have an hour together in which I will give to you a part of myself thru didj.

I will explain the meaning and cultural significance of Songline, the significance of your Songline…then I play for you.

I will feel the room, change rhythm, pitch, intensity, key. You will be transported, captivated, mesmerised …reset.

$25 / & now included in all studio memberships!

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Life Drawing

Friday March 22nd - 6-8pm

An invitation for women to gather in a sacred & intimate space to celebrate the art of the feminine, exploring the beauty of lines, shapes and curves. Basic materials and tea provided, with playful prompting and warm up. Joined by a live model and serenaded with acoustic music. BYO wine and nibbles.


The intention for these evenings are to channel the beauty we see in the muse, back to our own bodies and cultivate a deeper self love.


This is our last session for the season, hope to see you there xx Rina

$39 exchange x

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Breathwork Journey

Friday March 15th, 10am-12.30pm

Guided conscious connected breathwork with intentionally selected music and sound. Relieve and reduce stress, sadness, anxiety and depression, while deepening your connection to self.

This is a small group journey, allowing more space for connection, sharing and support. During this 2 hour workshop you will experience a deeper connection with yourself, your body, your emotions and your breath. This is the perfect space for beginners to be held, ask questions and dive deep, as well as experienced breathers who have already started their healing journey with breath.  

Breathwork is a powerful tool we can use to better understand ourselves, release unprocessed experiences, to anchor further into presence and to become better resourced at handling daily life stressors. You are your own healer, and breathwork is a direct gateway to access this inherit power within us. 

$65 exchange x

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Yin & Massage with Sound Bath

Sunday April 14th, 6-7.30pm

As we move into the cooler, slow pace of Autumn, we find time to prioritize self and embrace the tranquility that comes with this unique offering.


Experience hands on massage in this transformative 90 minute journey as you are lead through restorative yin yoga poses & focused breathing, with deep resonant sound therapy.


This unique combination allows you to release physical & emotional tensions easier, leading to improved sleep & over-all well-being.

Not only will you leave feeling rejuvenated, you’ll also take home one of our special Self-Care Gift Packs specifically designed for you to indulge + connect with self at home too.

$45 exchange x

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previous offerings, back soon;


Ecstatic Dance

back soon!

A rhymic journey into your flow state.

Experience a rhythmic journey where you’ll be guided into a state of flow, moving the body as freely as you desire.

This is for you if you have never danced before, are ready to try something new, or if you're craving to drop into your feminine body during this busy season! Ecstatic Dance is where we raise the energy WITHOUT stimulations such as alcohol or drugs. This is a space for you to be your true self, in the dark, without lights, fear or judgement. Shake off the year and cultivate activating and heart opening connections for the new year ahead.

Hosted by Rina in a feminine container with DJ Bloody Troopa and closing Sound Bath with Milyana Sound Therapy

The night will begin with a heart and body activating cacao and a gentle yoga flow leading into the intuitive dance, completing with a savasana.

$35 exchange x

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Deep House Vinyasa

back soon!

Get ready to sweat, smile, and strike a pose in our unique Deep House Vinyasa yoga class! We're talking power moves, funky flows, and enough energy to power a small village. It's like a dance party meets yoga class, with a little bit of warrior spirit thrown in for good measure.


We'll challenge our bodies and minds with strong sequences that will leave you feeling like a true yogi superhero. And don't worry if you fall out of a pose or two - we're all just human pretzels in training. So come with an open mind, a playful spirit, and a willingness to let go and flow.

$25 drop-ins / included in memberships

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